Online Short Courses 2020-2021

Why Collaboration Community?

Collaborations can achieve extraordinary successes that no one person could alone. But collaboration is challenging, and it is most often the human struggles, not the intellectual ones, that hold progress back.

Collaboration Community short courses provide insight, support and strategies that enable people to overcome the challenges inherent in working together effectively.

Who are the courses for?

People who need to work effectively in collaboration with others. All courses are suitable for research specific or mixed groups, as tutors respond to the specific needs of each cohort.

How the format works

Each course is accessed on our secure, intuitive learning platform and combines:

  • Videos and workbooks exploring key concepts
  • Downloadable resources
  • Discussion boards to support real-time challenges
  • Interactive webinars responding to the needs of each cohort

In addition, participants will gain:

  • Access to the programme for 12 months
  • Free access to additional resources from Collaboration Community

Short courses available September 2020

Why do people behave like that?

Understand what drives our behaviour in groups and identify practical strategies to improve your own working relationships with individuals and teams.

Why should anyone collaborate with you?

Overcome imposter syndrome and create a strategy to raise your profile and build collaborative relationships.

How to facilitate meetings like a pro

Learn what professional facilitators do to create meetings that are focused, energised and productive. Bypass politics and invigorate your work together.

How to understand yourself and others

Gain insight into how people think and work differently and what you can do to maximise synergy and minimise conflict between different personalities.

How to build compassionate resilience

Learn to combine self-compassion with focus and resolve so that you can achieve more without compromising your health and wellbeing.

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How is this different from e-learning?
These courses combine the best of e-learning – flexible access, mixed media learning resources and an intuitive platform – with coaching methods to create an applied learning experience that helps participants embed learning in practice.

There are no multiple-choice quizzes or token tick boxes here. Each learner is encouraged to set their own development goals and to apply new thinking to their own situation.

Tutors respond to learners’ questions on the discussion boards and the webinar is tailored for every cohort.

Is it as good as face-to-face learning?
Yes, in a different way! Nothing is the same as face-to-face learning but there are other advantages to this mixed-method approach.

Whilst we lose the organic interaction that live face-to-face workshops enable, we gain more structured ways for everyone to participate. This is a particular advantage to learners who contribute less in group discussion.

It also ensures application of new ideas over time, whereas one-off workshops offer less support to do this. And we do still see each other face-to-face in the webinar!

What is the time commitment?
Each course is roughly equivalent to a one-day workshop. The total length of time required to access the videos, written resources and the live webinar is around
3 hours, with approximately 2-3 hours needed for the reflective activities and discussion boards.

However, the programme is built for flexible access with lots of practical application. This means that a learner can spend 20-30 minutes on something and come back to it later. Approaching the programme this way enables people to put new ideas into practice as they go along.

How long can people access the course for?
Each participant can continue to access the course materials for 12 months. This means that they can return to the learning materials and downloadable toolkits and continue to apply these ideas over time. Discussion boards close after the webinar.
How many people can take the course?
You can buy each course for as many people who need it. The minimum group- purchase is for a cohort of up to 21 participants.

We will send you login-details for your cohort and these will enable 21 people to create an account and access all the materials and the live webinar. The live webinar is recorded and added to our platform, so if anyone in your cohort is unable to make the live date, they can still access this afterwards.

Are the courses for a particular group of staff?
Yes and no. All the courses are designed for people who need to work in collaboration and want to find more effective ways of doing this. We adapt to the needs of each cohort, so we can tailor the course for a particular staff grouping, or for mixed groups. For example, we can make the course specific to research staff, doctoral students or senior leaders.
How much administration will we need to do?
Very little. We will send you an email with the joining instructions and you send these out to your participants. You may like to send us a list of the people you are expecting so that we can make sure the right people have signed up. We host the programme and track the progress of all your learners and provide technical and learning support as needed. We can report back to you on whether your participants have completed the programme and provide them with a certificate of completion for their CPD records.
How much administration will we need to do?
The fee for each short course, for a cohort of up to 21 participants is £1155 + VAT. This is equivalent to just £55 + VAT per person. This covers everything for 12 months and of course there are no travel expenses, room bookings or refreshments to pay for. We have discounts available for multiple bookings – more than one cohort for the same course, or more than one course. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Early booking discounts available now

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