You know that your collaborative project could have breakthrough impact that really matters. But how do you bring everyone together with shared energy and commitment when you all have competing priorities? 

Find answers with an expert coach. We can work together in the following ways:

Coaching for Leaders

Dedicated attention and incisive enquiry to support leaders to leap forward in their leadership practice.

One-to-one Coaching

Release the potential in you, your people and your project

For leaders committed to achieving their vision, dedicated one-to-one coaching opens new thinking, fresh insights and clarity. Move past blocks with renewed energy and focus. Be coached wherever you have the best headspace as we connect by video or telephone.

Co-leaders Coaching

Forge a powerful partnership with your co-leaders

For co-leaders of teams and projects, especially those who work in different locations. Together we find answers that enable your people and project to thrive. Collaborating over time by video call or telephone to energise and focus your work together.

Leadership and Collaboration Academies

Academies are blended learning programmes that combine the best of coaching with thought provoking taught content. They give answers as well as asking questions to accelerate understanding, spark insight and initiate action. Designed for busy collaborators with all content and face-to-face coaching delivered online.

Collaboration Campfire™

Transform the way you lead your academic colleagues

This ten-month online-based programme brings a small group of academic leaders together to refine their collaborative leadership practice. Together we find specific answers to the challenges of leading collaboration so they can achieve breakthrough success without burnout.

Ten-month programme
£220 per person, per month (+ VAT).

Collaboration Compass™

Discover how to collaborate to accelerate your research career

This ten-month online-based group programme coaches researchers to work with colleagues at all levels with focus, awareness, skill and energy. Participants learn practices for working harmoniously with others and that accelerate the success of their projects and careers.

Ten-month programme 
£150 per person, per month (+ VAT)