Clarity  –  Compassion  –  Resilience

Why Coaching?

In uncertain times we need leaders who can handle ambiguity and bring people together. We need leaders who are responsive rather than reactive.  Most of all we need leaders who are compassionate, courageous and inspire confidence in those around them. This is no easy task. Coaching provides a space for you to unburden, restore your focus and develop the inner strength you need for this journey.

What is coaching?

“Partnering with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximise your personal and professional potential”

What do we do?

Together we:

  • Get clear about the outcomes you want
  • Make sense of what is going on now
  • Find new ways of thinking about problems
  • Identify and overcome blocks
  • Align who you are and how you lead

Meet the Coaches

Kate Tapper 


About Kate’s coaching style

Kate is a relational coach who creates an affirming coaching relationship that enables clients to see themselves and hear their own inner voice. This helps new and emerging leaders to develop the confidence to lead in their own style and to be gently challenged about where their blind spots might be. Clients say that they quickly feel safe to relax and explore their challenges, often voicing thoughts aloud for the first time. Kate’s style is naturally solutions-focused and helps clients to focus on what they want to achieve.  Kate is compassionate, intuitive and energising and uses a wide variety of methods to help clients get to the heart of the matters they bring to coaching. Clients find the work restorative and enlightening and say it helps them make changes that inform their leadership practice for good.

Sponsor involvement

Kate believes that coaching programmes are most effective when sponsors are involved with shaping development goals with the coachee. Coaching sessions are completely confidential. Sponsors are invited to take part in set-up and review meetings so that the coaching programme aligns with organisational expectations. 

Professional background

In 2002, at the age of 25, Kate was identified as an emerging leader by the University of Bristol and selected for a prestigious national programme for future leaders. She rose quickly through the organisation and five years later established her own successful consultancy. As Director of Bud Development, Kate has ten years’ experience directing national and regional leadership programmes and coaching teams and individuals. Kate is an accredited executive coach and a member of the Academy for Executive Coaching, the International Coach Federation and the Association for Coaching.

After six sessions working with Kate I felt that a weight had lifted…the sessions helped me to contextualise and eliminate the “historical noise” that had shrouded, and at times paralysed, my ability to move forward. I cannot over emphasise how life affirming, and life changing this experience has been. Highly recommended.

Regional Head of Safeguarding (NHS)


  • Ten years’ experience directing leadership development for senior academics and future leaders for universities across the UK
  • Four years’ experience as a Programme Director and Key Associate for the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education
  • Team facilitation for collaborators in healthcare and education to build common purpose, shared language and authentic community
  • Fourteen years’ experience using MBTI with individuals and teams



  • Executive Coach, accredited by the Academy for Executive Coaching
  • Member of the Association for Coaching
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education from University of Cambridge
  • MBTI accreditation from Oxford Psychologists Press
  • Certified Equine Facilitated Learning Instructor from EponaQuest
  • Continuing CPD with the International Coach Federation

After six sessions, I am so much clearer about what I want, believe it’s attainable and even have a plan for achievement, which for someone with my personality preference, is no mean feat! I found working with Kate to be liberating. It felt like having an oasis to retreat to, amidst a storm! I was able to hear ‘the unsaid’ in myself, and unravel internal conflict. I felt understood, challenged and supported all at once.

Regional Head of Learning and Development (NHS)

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