You became an academic to spend your days in deep intellectual enquiry, to ask the most important questions and to collaborate with other brilliant minds. Now you find yourself wading through all kinds of nonsense and not getting to the bits that make your mind leap…

We need you academics.  It is your beautiful minds coming together that will solve our greatest global challenges and equip our students to face them too. Yet you find yourself in a crazy world that is so crowded with meetings, emails, funding applications, line management, curricula redesigns and bizarre hoops to jump through that, most ironically, there doesn’t seem to be any time to actually think! And certainly not to think together or to take time to figure out what on earth is going on in the peculiar relationships that seem to hold the most important things back.

You can see the huge potential impact of your research and teaching if only the other people involved were easier to work with.

But they are not…they are opinionated, talented, brilliant, independent autonomous people with their own ideas and their own ways of doing things. Working relationships and difficult dynamics suck up an inordinate amount of your time and energy. Research funding is wasted because collaborators don’t trust each other enough to share information or work together effectively to achieve the breakthrough that is almost within reach.  Innovations in teaching don’t fully happen because certain people just won’t change their practice.

This is where I can help you.


Hello, I'm Kate Tapper

I specialise in creating space for academics to think and to overcome blocks with other people that so that they can move forward in their projects, collaborations and careers.


Kate Tapper

I am a leadership specialist with ten years experience of bringing brilliant people together to collaborate in research and teaching. I have a deep insight into the diverse and beautiful minds at work in academia and deep respect for my clients and their expertise. Over many years I have supported hundreds of research leaders and teaching directors to bring their collaborators together to achieve more.  Previous participants include staff at University College London, Kings College London, University of Reading and University of Bristol amongst many others.

I can help you to find the clarity, focus, energy and strategy to work together with your collaborators to achieve what you know should be possible.

There are three ways I can help you:



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One-to-one mentoring for Academic Leaders

This is a three-month mentoring programme for academics who are leading, co-leading or collaborating on a research or teaching project that they are committed to seeing succeed.

Using my expertise in personality differences and collaborative leadership I will support you on your journey to achieving the paradigm-shifting, life-changing, world-enlightening work you want to see happen.

Over the past ten years I’ve worked with hundreds of academics to help them see themselves, their collaborators and their problems differently and get unstuck. As a result, their work has been able to move forward and succeed. And now I’d love to work with you to do the same, so that your expertise and your unique contribution can shine.

How one-to one mentoring will change things for you:

  • You will overcome your frustration and hopelessness about getting people to understand and co-operate and be empowered to take action that gets the collaboration you need.

  • You will reclaim life outside work and no longer have to replay and rehearse situations with your loved ones, urgently trying to figure out what to do until they ban you from talking about it...

  • You will see your project moving on, past a stuck place, as you are empowered to take well-considered and constructive actions

  • You will deepen your awareness of yourself and others and shift others’ perceptions of you

  • The potential exciting and urgent impact of your research or teaching will no longer be held back by circular people-problems

  • What you learn about yourself and others on this programme will stay with you for all your future collaborations, and your life!

How the investment benefits your university and your funders:

  • The time and energy drain of stuck collaborations is a huge financial cost...this mentoring is a small investment that moves collaborations forward to their intended impact.

  • ‘Fudged’ projects that never quite deliver due to a lack of cooperation between collaborators are a disappointing waste of intellectual potential and funding. This mentoring helps you to maximise return on investment for your funders

  • You will take back the skills, perspectives, insights and approaches you learn on the programme to your team and colleagues and be able to develop others to work like this too

  • Your university will have gained a collaborative leader who is equipped to lead others and to share best practice within the organisation.

In three months from now you could be in a totally different place feeling energised, focused, clear and optimistic about your career success.

What we’ll work on...

Over the coming weeks you’ll shift your mindset and learn skills and techniques that will change the way you work with others forever. You’ll be able to see clearly any unhelpful dynamics at play and you’ll know what to do about them. You will be able to find new perspective on personalities that you find challenging and adopt new and successful ways of working with them.

We’ll develop strategies together that will make this project a success and make it easier for you to attract the right kind collaborators in the future.  Implementing these strategies will have you seen and recognised for your achievements and your ability to work effectively with others.

And more than that, we’ll work together to help you manage your work and your collaborative relationships so that you can enjoy your down time, free from the anxiety and burden of replaying dramas that drain your energy and the joy from your work.


How it works...

We will work together over a three-month period, meeting face-to-face on video calls (or by telephone if you prefer) every week.  In the meantime you will have me on-call by email to help deal with anything that comes up in between calls.

The programme is tailored specifically for you, to achieve your goals and overcome the blocks you are experiencing.


Book a discovery call to find out more about how we could work together.

You’re right for this programme if ...

  • You’re ready to seek a fresh perspective

  • You’re open to doing things differently

  • You want to make time to sort this out now

  • You’ve had enough of muddling along

  • You want more from your career and life than this.


You’re probably not ready for this if...

  • You want things to change without changing what you’re doing

  • You enjoy the drama of the situation

  • You want someone else to make it all go away...



This three month mentoring programme costs £6,000 (+ VAT), payable in three instalments. This covers our weekly calls and email support between calls.

It is comparable to investing in a leadership programme, but all of my time is dedicated to you.  For this reason I can only work with a small number of private clients each month, so please book a call to see if this is a good fit for you.


Tell me about the event that you need to facilitate, the objectives, the personalities and the politics, the potential pitfalls, the strategy it aligns with, the outcomes for participants and the tone you want it to have.  I will take that and create a complete event programme for you, informed by latest thinking, creatively crafted, beautifully formatted and ready to go with all the activities and resources you need to run it yourself.

Complete away-day preparation is available from £700 + VAT.  Book a discovery call or email to find out more.


There are times when you know that an event will be transformed by expert external facilitation.  My gift is creating a space where people are heard, really heard and are enabled to have conversations in a safe, exploratory and solution-focused way – and enjoy it! I understand the fatigue and skepticism that can limit engagement and draw on a wide range of approaches from strategic models and personality typing to outdoor learning and metaphorical drawing.

Facilitation for events is available from £1380 + VAT for a one-day event.  Book a discovery call or email me to find out more.