The world’s most powerful and beautiful minds are collaborating, right now, to solve our most complex problems. However sometimes it’s very human limitations that prevent collaborations from thriving

Hi, I’m Kate Tapper

I’m an Executive Coach and Director of Bud Development. I help leaders and collaborators breakthrough limitations and work with synergy for greater impact.

I’ve been privileged to work with some of the world’s best academics for over ten years; incredible minds that are transforming the way we think about everything from medical treatments to climate change to democracy; our past, our future and about thinking itself.

My clients’ intellect, curiosity and courage has inspired my quest to find answers to the question that troubles them all: ‘How do I get diverse people to work together in a spirit of collaboration?’ Only then can a collaboration become more than the sum of its parts and achieve its potential.

Kate is a pleasure to work with; she has helped us to develop our research team leadership portfolio and participants respond well to her warmth, enthusiasm and expert facilitation skills. Kate brings a wealth of experience, fresh ideas and brain friendly learning to our organisation.

Lisa Burman

Organisation Development Manager, Coventry University

I have been co-creating answers to that question with thousands of collaborators from over 80 universities. We’ve tested ideas from leadership and organisational development, international diplomacy, coaching and facilitation, psychology, philosophy, music, science, engineering and beyond. 

I found yet more answers when I trained as an Executive Coach and worked with talented professionals in many different sectors.

Now I have distilled these insights into a clear framework that provides answers for leaders and collaborators seeking to make big impact together.

What could you achieve if your collaborators really came together in a spirit of collaboration?

That’s what motivates me. Let’s find out!

An excellent facilitator (with an) aptitude to address issues and problems in a non-threatening way and an ability to drill through complex problems quickly.

Bridget Lumb

Professor of Systems Neuroscience

What can we achieve together?

Bud Development provides individual coaching, team coaching and collaboration academies that combine the best of coaching with thought provoking taught content.